WNYEA Alliance Board Nomination Process

Attention all WNY Environmental Alliance Members!


The WNY Environmental Alliance (“the Alliance”) needs you to step up and help build our region’s environmental movement!

The Alliance’s Nominations Committee is currently seeking candidates to fulfill seats on our Board of Directors.  We are seeking Board members who will Chair Working and Process Groups as well as serve as at-large Board members.  Please note that the responsibilities of the at-large Board members are different than those of Alliance Chair Board members.


  • Network with Western New York environmental leaders
  • Build capacity for your agency or organization
  • Collaborate with groups interested in your mission
  • Create a coalition for environmental advocacy issues
  • Free lunch each month during your Board tenure


To submit your name as a candidate for the Alliance Board of Directors, please send your bio and a few brief paragraphs on why you’d be a good candidate by Friday, August 23rd, 2013 to info@growwny.org with the subject line “WNYEA Board Candidate”.  With their permission, you may also nominate someone else for the Alliance Board of Directors.

Help the Alliance membership get to know you, your interests, and abilities in serving the Alliance in a leadership capacity by answering the following questions:

  1. Why do you think the Alliance is important for our region?
  2. What interests you most about serving on the Alliance Board of Directors?
  3. What skills, experiences, traits or perspectives would you have to offer as a member of the Alliance Board of Directors?
  4. What do you think is the most urgent and important thing that the Alliance’s Board of Directors needs to be concerned with in the next year?


  • Attend monthly meetings of the Alliance Board of Directors
  • Participate in organizing Alliance meeting and events, as necessary
  • Serve on a Board committee (such as Membership, Nominations, Treasury, Rapid Response Team) or in an Executive capacity (as Board Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, or Treasurer).
  • Raise money for the Alliance


  • Host regularly scheduled Working or Process Group meetings
  • Maintain meeting minutes for your group
  • Provide a report of your group’s activity to the Alliance Board
  • Lead development of your group’s advocacy platform
  • Keep your group’s listserv active
  • Provide content for GrowWNY.org


  • Jan through June: Attend regularly scheduled Working or Process Group meetings
  • July meeting: Submit your name as an interested Board candidate
  • August meeting: Submit Board Candidate Questionnaire
  • September meeting: Working and Process Groups vote on Chairs at monthly or bi-monthly meetings
  • September meeting: Alliance Nominations Committee reviews nominations for at-large Board candidates and prepares a slate of candidates for the Alliance membership to vote on
  • October: Alliance Nominations Committee sends slate of candidates and bios to the membership
  • November Environmental Congress: Alliance membership votes on Working / Process Group appointees and at-large Board members

If you’d like to contact an Alliance Board member with questions or about your interest in serving on the Board, please email info@growwny.org with the subject line “WNYEA Board Candidate” or contact the Chair of your Working or Process Group.  Contact information for Chairs can be found on the Working and Process Group pages at http://growwny.org/organizations.

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